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Digital Innovation Experimental Design .


[Latin]  document giving warning of something, or giving a warning to someone; 

Utilising 3d programs, especially a combination of animation, VFX and visual programming language based programs known as computational design to create almost like an abstract form can be entertaining to see and also can be a great method and tool to deliver a conceptual output for an idea to start.

I have found various interesting features on those software and thought of creating some conceptual designs that later can be a good start of a project furthermore, a feature that could be utilised later in the future.

First, I started by thinking what if I could create this abstract shoes inpired by food? Since most of footwear design inspiration comes from animals or vehicles, I thought this could be fun game changer.


From Folley’s tutorial on C4D, there was tutorial on displacement on changing thickness of original model into more dynamic shape using noise. And randomly placing objects on to original model. Then I added splines on the edge of the mesh and created random bubbles on the vertices

Bubble tea inspired footwear.

Everyone, once in their life, get to think about space and what lies beyond the star. I then simply thought, what if shoes are like an artefact in alien planets?


I randomised the size and place of spheres based on mesh topology on the midsole model according to the greyscale noise, then again randomised other spheres on the vertices. This created an opportunity to develop a similar concept utilising athletes data and transform it into the similar concept. For the background, with a tutorial based on Folley’s video, I made an abstract landscape with water reflection.

Alien planet footwear .

While I was going through the X-Particles tutorial, I thought, what if the shoe sole is inspired by a water/liquid-like shape. With my lack of skills, I decided to attach a shoe, the last model, into a sole. But still, my main focus of visualisation was on the shape of the sole.


After tweaking a bit, I finally got a nice spine line that goes across the sole from toe to heel. I added little bubbles for fun as the tutorial has indicated little bubble, but made different variation.

Water footwear.

Inflatable tooling.

Through looking at many abstract 3D FX clips, I realised that there weren't any soft body dynamic on shoes while there are ‘air’ shoes. With inspiration from the ‘Boost’ midsole which inflates small particles to form a midsole, I decided to mimic that. But there were technical limitations to simulate 100k particles inflating. So decided to create something bigger.


I thought this could bring dynamic shape on the sole since I have no idea what this is going to look like exactly until I generate it on C4D.

For this modelling, I focused on cleats for golf shoe and tried to make them as Voronoi structure that could potentially replace the current golf shoe outsole. For the midsole, as I was thinking of making this abstract, I tried to place bubbles and floating random shapes to give cool features.


I tried to make Voronoi structure as possible for cleats for function on golf cleats where it has the purpose of providing air gap which it doesn’t kill grass, rather it bends grass and keeping them alive and grow.

Particle golf footwear.

“To design for future and innovation, you need to approach 'design' itself differently and use different methods to produce a more creative and unique outcome.”

For :

Personal Project Collection

Category :

Footwear Innovation Experimental Design / Computational design

Tools :

Design research

Opportunity and consideration

Design Development

Prototyping - Blender, Tissue(plug-in), C4D, HoudiniFX

Duration :

11.11.2018 - 


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