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Collector: Cypheristikal
Platform: SuperRare
Price: 5 ETH

Some of us have to choose our nationality when we are 18 without knowing which country we truly belong to. Time is limited and we need to make our choice. People don't listen nor they don't care about our situations, they just want us to pick which color of the passport will be used to identify ourselves.'What Do I Do' expresses dilemma, confusion, consequences, and state of my mind at the time of choice. This is presented through the Australian bird wearing a Korean traditional mask that illustrates people who ignore listening and forcing me to choose from the options. Other spacemen waiting in the line express people who are alike and being forced to choose. Lastly, the Spaceman who is captured in a birdcage represents me, not knowing what to, what do I do..?

Jan~Feb, 2022


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