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Collector: Deekay
Platform: SuperRare
Price: 3.5 ETH

Some of us, including myself with multicultural backgrounds goes through the dilemma, confusion and racial discrimination. Because of that, we try to 'fit in' to one category of people for our lifetime. This process is tiring and create self-doubt.Platypus is an Australian animal that has a bill and webbed feet like a duck, body and tail like a beaver, lay eggs but feed milk and has venom. This animal is a mixture of many things with their own category called 'platypus'. It reminded me of people like us with a multicultural backgrounds. We don't need to fit in, we can create our own category, we can ourselves.I wanted 'Yes I Am !' like a parade at a theme park - a grand finale with big celebrations. I used a platypus as the main character that is wearing a Korean traditional lion mask with the Korean traditional music team. Spaceman constantly switches its head to thumbs up and platypus presenting not restricted to one category, rather its category.So, Yes, I am myself!!

Jan~Feb, 2022


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