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Melbourne has been under the world most severe and longest lockdown.Recently, vaccine in the state of Victoria was semi-mandatory as you don't get to have any freedom without them. It caused anti-vaxxers to roll out and brought the most aggressive protest to the street I've ever witnessed. Police were chasing and arresting people with rubber bullets as protesters fought or ran away from it. The scenery was surreal as many people stood there watching the whole thing or me and many others, looking through the TV.The crowd in the piece encapsulates the violent scene between police and anti-vaxxers. The police force to those who aren't vaccinated to get a vaccine. While anti-vaxxers refuse to do so. The same scenery as I have witnessed on that day. 3 Wise Monkeys covering their eyes, mouth and ears with their hands while having all those features on the surface of their hands portrays the public’s pretentious attitude towards the issue, not paying attention but rather enjoying. Especially, the news media and politicians. Buildings such as Facebook, Instagram and Meta present the idea and information the anti-vaxxers receive and understand. Hence, that's why the title is called Conspiracy Theory: Anti Vaxxer.

Jan~Feb, 2022


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