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Collector: De_FI
Jan~Feb, 2022
Platform: SuperRare
Price: 4.8 ETH

2022 Lunar New Year has arrived. This year, it's a Black Tiger Year (壬寅年))! Since I was a little kid, I always wondered how new year comes and how people decide which animal to represent. Of course, I had no idea about the zodiac signs back then. This is a new year for me with a new career, to celebrate this, I wanted to bring some of my childhood memory and illustrate the factory creating each year and 12 zodiacs as managers in the factory.


An egg represents 'Year' and hatching symbolises a 'newborn year'. Using the power source of the factory and protection of 12 zodiacs, new year, 2022 awake. The black tiger is very close to an egg and this represents protection and attention to a new year and hoping for fortune (while it looks intimidating). Rat and Oxen, last year animal looking little worried and hoping for the best. While Rabbit, an animal who will represent next year is excited and hoping for it to come soon. Foods below represent the Korean Traditional ancestry ceremony called 'Cha Rae'. Every household does it in the new year and on Thanks Giving day.


So, is this how every year is created??


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