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Born in Incheon, one of the key cities in South Korea in 1996. HA dreamt to be an industrial designer since high school which he enrolled at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Bachelor of Industrial Design. 

in 2nd-year (Sophomore) HA discovered that he wants to focus his design career on footwear as he started to look into sneakers. Later as he studies more into footwear, HA was fascinated by technologies behind the shoemaking processes and innovation that was used to create one single product which then he presented that through his project ‘L-TKD’ that has won the Good Design Award in 2018 and recognised by Concept kicks and exhibited at Business of Design Week in Hong Kong. After practising and dreaming about footwear design for years, fortunately, HA had an opportunity to work in Adidas in Portland, Oregon as a Digital Technologies intern at the Advanced Creation team in 2019. 

HA believe in innovation, advanced technologies and new design methods/process to change and push the industry, the design itself further beyond. He focuses his learning on not just at most fundamental design methods and tools but something unusual, something more advanced such as VFX programs and programming to further develop an idea and MetaDesign footwear. 

HA finished studying Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours) in RMIT in 2020 with First Class Honours. There are many pathway HA can take and he's excited to know what is ahead of him.

Sung Myeong (Lucius )Ha

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